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LevelUp by Leap Finance is an international student’s best friend. With a community of almost two thousand students and mentors, LevelUp helps international students start, navigate and ace their lives in the USA as migrants. Free resources and guidance from former international students who are now successful professionals in the States are what make the LevelUp community you can count on to help you achieve your American dream!

LevelUp is for you if:

You are planning to study further in the USA

You are in the USA for your Masters

You just graduated and are looking for a job in the USA

We know how hard it can be to look for an employer who sponsors your work visa.

Worry not, because we’ve built this Job Portal to solve just that!

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Our Mentors

Aneri Desai

Career Coach for Immigrants and International Students in the USA

Debrup Laha

Mechanical Design Engineer at E4P Consulting Engineering Pllc

Lokesh Kumar

Senior Director of Engineering at StockX

Mayank Bansal

Software Engineer at Convoy Inc

Navnika Sudhir

Engineer In Training at BE Structural P.C

Shaurya Sethi

Analyst at MediaMath

Landing Jobs in the US for International Students just got super easy

Learn how to network, prepare visa interviews and sure shot strategies to kickstart your career in the USA.

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