Vitruvian Labs, LLC


Senior Software Engineer

Computer Science

Full Time

Baltimore, US

Posted 19 weeks ago

About the Job

Salary - $120000 - $130000/Year

Vitruvian Labs, LLC is currently hiring for a full-time Senior Software Engineer to develop software for the Department of Defense (DoD) in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. This computer science position earns a competitive salary of $120,000 - $130,000/year, depending on experience.

In addition to competitive pay and our impactful culture, we offer our Senior Software Engineers the following benefits:

  • Health
  • Competitive 401(k) with an employer match
  • 10 days of paid leave
  • Federal holidays

So, now that you've learned the who, what, where, and why, you may be wondering HOW? It's easy! Just fill out our initial mobile-friendly online application. We hope to meet you soon!


This computer science position can work either a standard business schedule OR a 5-4/9 plan where you work eight 9-hour days and one 8-hour day each pay period. This role requires occasional travel throughout the continental United States.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you develop software for the DoD's mission command and tactical communications systems. In this position, you collaborate with experienced cross-disciplinary hardware and software teams to improve our systems and optimize our communication abilities. Alongside your team, you meticulously develop and deploy embedded software and Java-based applications that effectively interface with radios. You are actively involved throughout all phases of the development cycle from planning to coding to testing and bug fixing.

Attentive to detail, you read tactical radio interface control documentation (ICDs) as well as test the physical and network interfaces between completed software and the radios. You ensure completed applications all function well, resolving issues and supporting product maintenance when possible. Motivated to only develop the best products, you collect user requirements and use them to make recommendations for future products or updates. You take great pride in improving our tactical communications and achieving shared goals!


With over 30 years of combined experience, we provide software, hardware, and network engineering services to customers within the Department of Defense (DoD). Our work includes interfacing with tactical radios by way of software APIs, manipulating internet protocols, prototyping emerging technologies, and developing applications. As we work to provide solutions to complex problems, we never forget that our ultimate mission is to get information to the warfighter as efficiently as possible.

Our ties with the DoD provide our employees with unique opportunities, including the ability to enjoy remote work as well as hands-on experience in research and development labs, using actual fielded equipment. Our employees also use cutting-edge products that are unavailable to the general consumer. Along with the generous benefits we provide, our employees appreciate the enormous perk of interacting with the soldiers who use our products. Their influence is a constant reminder of the importance of the work we do.


  • Career-minded - looking for more than a job
  • Self-motivated - sees what needs to be done and does it
  • Reliable - track record for excellent attendance and fulfilling obligations
  • Detail-oriented - thorough and pays attention to the small stuff
  • Respectful - be kind, positive, and helpful

If this sounds like you, keep reading about this computer science job!


  • Active security clearance or ability to achieve one
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or an engineering discipline
  • Experience in network engineering, specifically the basics of classless inter-domain routing
  • Experience developing applications in both a procedural programming language (Ex. C) and an object-oriented language (Java, C++, C#)
  • Experience using network packet generator tools such as MGEN or iPerf and packet capture tools such as tcpdump or Wireshark
  • Ability to configure and use an integrated development environment (IDE) such as those provided by and built on JetBrains (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Android Studio, GoLand, etc.)
  • Ability to use a Linux terminal application to navigate a Linux filesystem, compile code, run build scripts (Ex. Gradle, Ant, Maven), change Linux network settings, interact with a distributed version control system, and capture and send network data
  • Ability to navigate large log files for debugging purposes
  • Familiarity with GitLab, continuous integration pipeline, and Agile development
  • Full vaccination for COVID-19

Experience writing shell scripts and python scripts would be preferred. Familiarity with debugging Android applications from a terminal would be a bonus. If you meet the above requirements, we need you. Apply today to join our computer science team!

Location: 21005

Posted 19 weeks ago

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