Project Manager

Project Management

Full Time

Fort Worth, US

Posted 18 weeks ago

About the Job

Salary - $85000 - $120000/Year

The Project Manager will assist the Sr. Project Manager and Superintendent in areas of Submittals, Project Schedule and Construction Progress, Documentation Control, Financials, and Subcontractor Management for large Industrial Projects.

Skills Required:

• Minimum 3 – 5 yrs experience in K-12 construction and or higher education.

• Ability to read and understand geotechnical investigations and reports

• Ability to multi-task and manage all trades

• Proficient in construction software programs

• Ability to read plans


• Attend the handoff meetings with the preconstruction department and record minutes and distribute

• Assist Precon and the Sr. Project Manager in ensuring that critical Subcontractor Documents are in place prior to the start of said work

• Update the project schedule with Project Superintendent and Project Manager

• Record and distribute Architect instructions, e.g., ASI, Addendum’s, RFI’s, RFP’s, etc.

• Post all changes weekly to record set construction documents

• Request, receive, and review pricing for Project Changes and, as requested by the PM, assist with the Change Order process

• Issue general correspondence to Subcontractors / Vendors and review with the Project Manager as needed.

• Assist Project Manager in verifying, with the Superintendent, the accuracy of Subcontract billings on Subcontractor Pay Applications

• Schedule and take monthly project photos documenting critical elements of progress and new activities.

• Schedule onsite and offsite subcontractor inventory and manufacturing progress verification visits with Project Manager as needed

• Responsible for the entire Project Closeout Process

• Receive, coordinate, and distribute J.C.C., Owner, and Architect punch lists. Assist Project Team with timely completion of punchout

• Support the Superintendent with enforcing project safety requirements and quality standards

• Establish, manage, and nurture relationships with the Owner, Architect, and Subcontractors

• Experience with ProCore is preferred

Posted 18 weeks ago

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