Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Registered Nurse Supervisor (RNS)


Full Time

Bronx, United States

Posted 19 weeks ago

About the Job

Salary - $84000 - $120000/Year

2.3 Full-time5 hours ago
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Responsibilities: Perform assigned patient care and related duties in accordance with the policies of the assigned organization and the New York State Standards of Nursing Practice. Reports to the Administrator/designee for compliance with Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center policies. Is directly accountable to assigned facility supervisor and medical staff for onsite performance of assigned responsibilities.

Key tasks: Assessment, care plan implementation, therapeutic interventions, medication administration, clinical documentation, patient education and discharge planning.

Qualifications: Current license/registration to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in the State of NY. Proof of citizenship or eligibility to work in US.

Experience: Minimum 1 year full time experience in a hospital (acute care) or Skilled Nursing Facility (long term care) preferred or required by assigned facility.

Requirements: Evidence of current malpractice insurance in the amount of $1/3 million.
Successful completion of Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center pharmacology and clinical skills testing programs.
Current BCLS certification. ACLS required for ICU, ER, NALS for NICU, PALS for Pediatric ICU.
Documentation of required annual attendance at Fire Safety and Infection Control education programs or completion of Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center annual self study/testing program.

Physical requirements: Submission of physician statement attesting to satisfactory health. 2 step PPD, chest X-ray if indicated by PPD results, immunization history, Hepatitis B vaccination or declination statement. Annual physician statement of satisfactory health including PPD.
Must be able to meet physical requirements of assigned organization for RN in assigned areas.

Required attributes: Reliable and Dependable compliance with assigned schedule. Professional accountability for maintaining current credentials on file at Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
Submission of accurate, complete and updated skills assessment and learning needs to Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Office.
Timely completion of annual education and health screening requirements.


Performs patient assessment to identify problems, needs and response to care
Appropriately reports findings to team members and/or physician
Participates in care planning
Performs medication administration and prescribed treatments in accordance with assigned organization policies and procedures
Performs required skills in accordance with current accepted practice standards. Meets requirements for assigned organization competency evaluation
Performs clinical procedures and practices in accordance with organization standard
Effectively instructs patients and families re care and treatment provided
Documents complete, accurate and timely nursing notes and summaries
Follows infection control practices and procedures
Demonstrates care, compassion and patience in dealing with patients and families
Recognizes problem situations and asks for supervisory assistance as needed
Performs duties in accordance with Patient/Resident’s Rights, Pain Management protocols
Adheres to assigned department and organization rules and regulations
Adapts to new work methods and other changes without incident
Meets work standards with minimal supervision
Maintains confidentiality of internal patient information
Works with others in a cooperative, friction-free manner

Posted 19 weeks ago

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